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 1953 VW type 1 ragtop...

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PostSubject: 1953 VW type 1 ragtop...   Fri Nov 07 2008, 11:07

A few pics through the years, i wanted to put the Centerlines back on but there's no way with the wider Type3 drums on the rear so ive just changed the tyres all round and put the T-bars back on so it look more the way it used to which is the way i prefer... at the moment Smile

How it looked the first time i did it back in 02...

how it looked after sitting for 3 years without it's wheels and engine...

A couple of years ago i put the Speedmasters and lower profile tyres on, lowered it, swapped the T-bars for bumpers fitted the rack etc. i did have it lower that these pics for a short time but after hitting several drain covers, and not being able to get it on my drive i decided trashing such a perfect under carriage was not for me...

now with 145/65 front and 195/75 rear tyres, T-bars back on, rack removed and raised rear end...

Yeah i'm happy with it's latest look Smile
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1953 VW type 1 ragtop...
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